Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have been tagged by Deepti Di(Chitrangada)! This is my first tag . So, I am pretty excited.

If I were a beginning, I would be: The first chapter of ‘ Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’
If I were a month, I would be: October( Durga Puja month )
If I were a day of the week, I would be: Saturday ( day when I can spend maximum time with my parents)
If I were a time of day, I would be: Any such time when I could read Harry Potter
If I were a planet, I would be: EarthIf I were a season, I would be: Monsoon
If I were a sea animal, I would be: Dolphin
If I were a direction, I would be: EastIf I were a piece of furniture, I would be:- Book Shelf
If I were a sin, I would be: Murder
If I were a liquid, I would be: Rainwater
If I were a fraud/scare, I would be: Someone else
If I were a gem, I would be: Diamond
If I were a tree, I would be: Banyan
If I were a tool, I would be: Spade
If I were a flower/plant, I would be: Lotus
If I were a kind of weather, I would be: Any weather minus humidity
If I were a musical instrument, I would be: Piano
If I were an animal, I would be: Dog
If I were an emotion, I would be: Happy
If I were a vegetable, I would be: Cauliflower
If I were a sound, I would be: Sound of trinkets
If I were an element, I would be: Gold
If I were a car, I would be: Scorpio
If I were a song, I would be: Kaisi Paheli Zindagani (from Parineeta)
If I were a food, I would be: Chilly Chicken
If I were a place, I would be: Kolkata
If I were a material, I would be: Silk
If I were a taste, I would be: Salty
If I were a scent, I would be: Scent of good food
If I were a religion, I would be: Harry Potterism
If I were a sentence, I would be: The teaching of Maths is the worst thing to have happened in human history
If I were a body part, I would be: Eyes
If I were a facial expression, I would be: Affection
If I were a subject in college, I would be: English
If I were a shape, I would be: Triangle
If I were a quantity, I would be: Centimetre
If I were a color, I would be: Green
If I were a thing, I would be: A copy of ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’
If I were a landmass, I would be: Antarctica
If I were a book, I would be: Any book of Harry Potter
If I were a monument, I would be: Golden Fort, Jaisalmer
If I were an artist, I would be: Pablo Picasso
If I were a collection of poems, I would be: Any collection of poems by Rabindranath Tagore
If I were a landscape, I would be: Sea beach
If I were a watch, I would be: Titan
If I were God, I would be: Infinitely powerful
If I were a vowel, I would be: I
If I were a consonant, I would be: S
If I were a formula, I would be: Sridhara Acharya’s formula of solving quadratic equations(The easiest one I have come across)
If I were a Science, I would be: Botany
If I were a theory, I would be: As simple as possible
If I were a famous person, I would be: J.K.Rowling
If I were electronic equipment, I would be: Television
If I were sport, I would be: Cricket
If I were a movie, I would be: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
If I were a cartoon, I would be: Scooby Doo
If I were an explorer, I would be: Christopher Columbus
If I were a scientist, I would be: Galileo Galilei
If I were a relation, I would be: Faithful Daughter
If I were a river, I would be: Ganga
If I were intoxication, I would be: Love for my parents
If I were alone, I would be: Lost
If I were a question, then I would be: Where are you?
If I were a hobby, I would be: Blogging
If I were a habit, I would be: Anything other than saying “Stupid” and “Shut Up” almost always
If I were in an atom, I would be: Neutron
If I were an end, I would be: The last part of ‘A study in scarlet’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
If I were you, I would be: A much better friend


Titash RC said...

These are the facts I had no clue about!

Woodsmoke said...

Answer the following for me, please.
1. Why Pablo Picasso? Does he inspire you that much? I wouldn't have thought Picasso to be your favorite artist.
2. What are sound of trinkets?

Loved the responses, especially, "If I were a formula..."

~ Deeps ~ said...

i like the formula one........good list

Subhadip said...

That's a long list! Long but good list :) Witty answers.

Amiya said...

Wow, long list! And nice answers... and I think I'll go back once to count how many times Harry Potter's been mentioned :-)

Why centimetre though, any particular reason?

Rohit Talwar said...

I am sure you're a faithful daughter already :)

And duuuuude, HPism is all over in this list! Rock on!

Chitrangada said...

Thnks dearie for doing this tag n i can see really sweet and interesting ans :)

but yeah agree with rohit :) Harry Potter everywhere but i think this is your age :)

Butterfly said...


To tell u the truth, there is no such artist who has inspired me till now because I have never ever thought of painting anything that nicely. But, I chose Picasso because his name used to be printed on the first ever drawing copies I had.:-)
You obviously know that trinkets are pieces of jewellery or ornaments. And, by sound of trinkets, I meant sound of pieces of jewellery.
Thanks for liking the responses.:-D


@Subhadip Da
Glad you liked the answers.:-)

@Amiya Didi
Yeah, Harry Potter has been mentioned loads of times. He'll surely be there if I am tagged!:-)
Well, centimetre because I find it easier to calculate if the unit is centimetre.

HPism sure rocks!:-D

@Deepti Di
Thanks. And, it's all because of you that I did this tag.So, thanks again!:-)

K M F said...

its a good list
have a nice day

Butterfly said...

@k m f