Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

Not long ago, our city had been craving for a drop of rainfall.

A month later, the scenario has changed completely. The city doesn’t want the rain anymore. They are more than satisfied. In fact, now they are worried.

Kolkata has received almost 300mm of rainfall in the past three days. So, the entire city is waterlogged now. In some areas like Amherst Street and Shukiya Street, a boat service has been started to help the people cross the road. Water has entered the ground floors of all houses.
On Tuesday morning, I woke up to find a very dark environment. It was raining heavily. But, we had to submit a project on Tuesday. So, I got ready for school. My father went to call a taxi. In the meantime, I rang up my friends and came to know that they wouldn’t be going to school that day. Then, my father came back, completely drenched, and informed that there was nothing on the street. So, I gave up the idea of going to school and sat down to study at home instead. But, my parents still started for their respective offices after the rain slowed down a bit. Later in the day, I came to know that the usual Physics tuition class would not be held either. As the day dragged on, the rain showed ominous signs. It continued on and on and on .A canal flows just by our apartment. So, our area became waterlogged too. By evening, water had entered the ground floor of our apartment (Thankfully, we live on the first floor).

Yesterday morning, it was not raining. So, I got ready for school again. Then, like any normal day, I started for school with my father. But, our school had not opened! Some students were standing in front of the closed school gate. Oh well, that was still okay. We were coming back home quite happily. But, when we reached the Airport Gate bus stop, we got a nasty shock. All vehicles had been stopped and hundreds of office-goers and students were standing helplessly. The President of Vietnam would be passing the road. So, the great Kolkata Police force had stopped the daily life of the people. On a normal day, people die because of accidents on that same road. Then, these people are not to be seen. It seems as if they arrive just to help the people to fall in trouble. So, after standing for a full 50 minutes, the vehicles were released. After dropping me home, my father started for office. Yesterday, the condition was worse. So, he reached office after a record two-and-a-half hour

So, today morning, I did not get ready for school at all. I knew the school would be closed today too. And, that’s exactly what has happened. So, with no school and no tuition classes for three full days, I have been able to study to my heart’s content. In the tenth standard, it becomes difficult to attend school everyday, especially when the exam is just a month away. So, without having to worry about the attendance at school or about studying for the exam, I got this very important time for studying. So, the rain has come as a blessing for me, at least. In fact, I’ll be happy if the school remains closed tomorrow too.
But, most Kolkatans want the rain to end. So, let’s hope that the torrential rain stops and we receive occasional spells of rainfall.


Woodsmoke said...

"So, with no school and no tuition classes for three full days, I have been able to study to my heart’s content."

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting The Geek of our family! :) But an incredibly adorable fifteen-year-old geek nevertheless.

Yes, do everything that you like to to your heart's content. Let no one, especially not me, instruct you on what to do with your life. All the very best. Love you LOADS.

Rohit Talwar said...
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Rohit Talwar said...

You know, it used to be a dream come true to have school closed in the middle of the week. We never told our folks, simply got together at a friend's house, ordered pizzas and drinks with DVDs and school gossip. And later, call home to tell them we'd be going straight for tuitions for there are special classes.

Hahaha, but seriously, the amount of seriousness that reflects in your posts about academics is wonderful. I think all of us just know you're going to make the family proud. Keep up :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

study when the school close down in this way........not for me...i never did that :D

but then again i was never a good student :)

Kanu said...

What to say? You were happy cause you could study?????????

ha ha ha...

ALL THE BEST KIDO...God bless you and lets hope for the rain to scatter a bit over the entire country...Delhi can certainly use some rains now

Aarbee said...

My sentiments are the same as others'. I would never have studied on such days, but then even I wasn't such a dedicated student!
Have fun studying!! :)

Chitrangada said...

oh yes i heard abt heavy rainfall in kol :(

hoping that everything is fine :)

but honestly its fun @ no school :)

u r such nice gal with full of colors thats y i just love calling u Butterfly ..carefree ,vibrant n colorful :)

All the bst

Jayant said...

So, with no school and no tuition classes for three full days, I have been able to study to my heart’s content.

Even before opening the comments window I had copied this line. Then I opened the window and saw Woodsmoke's comment (and everyone else's for that matter). God, you scare me! Agreed, scoring well is important. But, so is enjoying a rainy day off from school. :O
But anyway, it's great to see such determination (and tenacity, might I add) at such a young age. You'll definitely go a long way. Good luck kiddo. :)

Butterfly said...

Let me tell u the real reason for which I was so happy on getting the time to study. I knew I would be watching Harry Potter the week after and reading Harry Potter two weeks after. So, I would be able to make up for the loss of studying time during that period.:-)
But, thanks a lot for ur best wishes and blessings.:-)

I'll be rather happy to receive useful instructions from u. Ur instructions have always been so valuable for me. :-)
Thanks a lot and I LOVE YOU TOO.:-)

Well, what u used to do must have been real fun. :-)
It was a dream come true even for me when the school closed down in the middle of the week. Even I was happy because I would be able to enjoy myself later on, as I mentioned above.:-)

Believe me, studying like this may not have anything to do with being a good student or a bad one. At least,my studying didn't have anything to do with that. I had my reasons all the time. :-)
And, I was doing that just to ensure that I cud enjoy myself afterwards, as I told in the beginning.

Yes, let's hope that Delhi gets rainfall too.
Now u know why i was happy to study so much.:-)
But, thanks a lot for ur best wishes.

Have fun? Well, I wasn't having that much fun. It was just a satisfaction.:-)
And, now u know why I was studying.

@Deepti Di
Yes, everything is fine now.:-)
Thanks for ur nice comment and for ur best wishes.:-)

I did enjoy the rainy day, but a bit differently. I enjoyed it because all the time, I was satisfied. All the time, I knew that God had given the opportunity to study and make up for the loss of time that I wud be facing afterwards.So, u see, I was HAPPY.:-)
But, Thanks a lot for ur best wishes.:-)

Amiya said...

Sigh, most things usually happen at the wrong time and to the wrong extent, don't they? Anyway, worked out well for you, with the school being off and all.

And: "So, with no school and no tuition classes for three full days, I have been able to study to my heart’s content."
Err... (gasp) Oh my!! You really are one sincere student, aren't you? Well, keep it up, it's good to be dedicated towards something. And I'm sure all your dedication & hard work would bring in good results at exam time :)

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Thanks for those nice words.:-)
But then, you must already have read about my reason.

Amiya said...

Yeah, I did :-)