Thursday, February 01, 2007


Dear Readers,

Ever since all of you started reading my blog, a question started to come to my mind frequently. I am a lot younger than all of u. Then, while replying to your comments, how do I address you? It looks very rude to address you by your names, because I am younger than you all. Some of your comments come signed along with your surnames( like Rohit Talwar or Richa Bhardwaj). But I also feel it rude to address you by your full names. And naturally, it is more difficult to address you when your comments come signed with your names only (like Subhadip, Kanu, Amiya). I feel very uneasy while addressing you by your names. When your comments do not come signed with your actual names (like Woodsmoke, Chitrangada, Deeps), it is easier to address you, yet I am confused! Whether I should or should not add "Bhaiyya" or "Didi" to your names......... I simply don't know what to do.

So, I request you all to tell me this: How do I address you?
I'll be comfortable with any name that you suggest.

Yours faithfully,
Sinjini Sengupta


Woodsmoke said...

Woodsmoke works absolutely fine for me. Cute post though.

deep said...

that brought the first smile on the face of the day........u can call me deeps, D (as woodsmoke calls me) or Deepak (yeah its same old boring Deepak name :D)
any of the 3 is fine with me :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Whaddup man?

Erm, so lets calculate. I'm in my final year and you're in 9th grade... uhho screw all this. Call me Rohit or whatever you like. :-/ It doesn't really matter. We're all friends. And you address all your friends by their names right?

Oh and at the risk of sounding err like SayanDi, this is a cute post. *whistles*

Subhadip said...

Hey Sinjini...

Looking at the age difference, the most appropriate name would be "Kaku". Since that does not sound very flattering, please call me "Subhadip" or "Subhadip da".

Richa Bhardwaj said...

Hi Sinjini!
This might sound a little creepy but somehow I had been getting a vibe that you're having trouble deciding on how to address everybody.

Call me Richa. Not a problem at all. :-)

Kanu said...

How sweet can you get really?
Such a beautiful name you have chosen for yourself and let me also say very appropriate!

Hmmm....I would like to say call me Kanu but then that I do have the option of being called something else let me think....

Never knew I could take so much time thinking of a name. Here is the me with the name...that word that first came to your mind when you read my comment. Here...I shall know it then!!!!

But I do wish to call you an angel...somehow you stir emotions that I try too hard to bury and remind me of innocence that I try to ignore!
God bless kido.

Amiya said...

Sweet post, couldn't have imagined this could be giving you some trouble! :)

You can call me Amiya, that's great for me. Or Amiya didi, if you just don't like the thought of addressing me by my first name :)

Chitrangada said...


lovely post n i felt realy good after reading this ..actually i give so much importance to respect therefore your post touched me you are so young and i just loved the way u wrote this post
u can call me Deepti Di ..:)

u made my day sweetheart

wish u loads of happiness :)

Swetank said...
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Swetank said...


First of all, I have to apologise for not having been more regular at your blog, and for not having left a comment whenever I've visited it. And let me tell you, it's been my loss.

Secondly, I wish to thank you for blogrolling me.

Now to your question. I agree with SayanDi and Rohit for one. It is a cute post, and also a brave one, I would say. It's not always easy to ask such a question point blank, and I understand that perfectly since I've spent all my life figuring out how to address people.

When I was younger and my dad's colleagues came over with their families for dinner, I would be very fidgety till I knew how old their kids, that they'd brought along, were and if I were to call them bhaiyya/didi or not. And I never asked the question straight. I'd first ask them their class, then their birthday, then the year they were born in, and then calculate their age. It caused problems when someone was in a higher class, yet younger than me in age. I didn't know what to keep as the deciding criterion, the class or the age. I ended up thoroughly confusing myself and trying to evade that person. Your post brought back those memories. Thank you. :)

Now that I've grown up, and grown up a little uncomfortably with the "Call me by my first name" issue, I guess I've come to believe that it happens to be the best way. Call me Swetank, I'd like that, at least until we meet in person.

Take care, and keep writing such lovely posts!

Butterfly said...


deeps sounds perfect :-)

Thanks for that wonderful comment.Of course, u r my friend. So,I'll call u Rohit.

@Subhadip Da
"Kaku" would be too much. Subhadip Da is fine.

U had been getting such a vibe?? Why should it sound creepy? It's rather interesting."Richa" is final. :-)

Thanks for this lovely comment.:-)
I'll call u Kanu.
But the name "Butterfly" was chosen by woodsmoke, not by me.

@Amiya Didi
This name is final.:-)

@Deepti Di
Thanks for this nice comment. :-)
This name is fine.

Thank You for your lovely comment.:-)
I'll keep writing and will call u Swetank for the time being. And, u have to keep visiting my blog. When u had first given a comment on Woodsmoke's blog, she had been thrilled to read it. She was with me that day. Today, it gives the same kind of thrill to read your comment on my blog.

Swetank said...

My pleasure, Sinjini and I promise that I will keep visiting your blog. I'm already at it. :-)

Amiya said...

Suddenly I feel old coz Richa & Rohit are to be called by just their first names but I'm didi! Okay but no, I like this :)

I came back here to ask you something: I love what Sayantani has named your blog link (on her blog) - Titli. Can I call you that too? It's so pretty.

Swetank said...

At the risk of being accused by Amiya of copying her novel ideas, may I also address you as titli. It somehow seems to suit you. :)

Kavya Sharma said...

u're unbelievably adorable!
this has to be the cutest blog in the entire blogosphere!
count me in as another regular visitor:)

Btw, im a big Potter buff too! think we'll get along well.. ;)

Lots of luv!
God bless!

Woodsmoke said...

@ Amiya and Swetank
Butterfly is called Titli on my blog because her pet name is Titli. :)
So her blog is called Butterfly because she is Titli.
And the name suits her to the T. She is the prettiest 14-year-old I know...ok ok so I am biased, sue me.

@ Kavya
I am HUGE Potter fan too. Can we be friends too? :D

Swetank said...


I guessed as much (both that her nickname's Titli and that she's very pretty) but it's always safer to ask. :)

Sue you, I will. :P

Rohit Talwar said...

Okay, okay, I won't call you Titli..if you think this comment is about that. :P

@ Swetank
Ye mera copyright hai bey. Kuchh aur soch le!

Swetank said...

Apologies to Titli because this does not pertain to her post but to Rohit's comment.

Abey kya bulaoon? I've been calling her that for months now, and it's today that you realize. :O

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Swetank
All these days I thought you'd notice and stop it yourself. But come on, you can be original.

Butterfly said...

@Amiya Didi
Of Course you can call me Titli.

@ Swetank
Call me Titli. I like it:) You know now that it is pet name.

@Kavya Sharma
Thanks for visiting my blog.:)
I'm delighted to know that you are a Potter buff too. We'll surely get along well. By the way, do u think Harry will be killed in the seventh book?? And please do make friends with my cousin Woodsmoke. I promise you that you'll find a good freind in her.

@Rohit and Swetank

No problem if u don't call me Titli, Rohit. And I enjoyed the way you both quarelled over what to call my dear cousin. Btw, I call her Tanni Didi, when we are not blogging.

Rohit Talwar said...

Tanni Didi? :O
Any story behind this?

Swetank said...

Tanni didi it is, from now on!

Woodsmoke said...

WTF guys!
Stay away from "Tanni Didi"! :x
Tum log "SayanDi" ke paas hi raho main keh deti hoon.

Kavya said...

pleasure would be all mine!
looking forward to having potter chats with u too;D

Jayant said...

I was just going through your blog and when I read this post, I decided that I too, will be a regular visitor from now on. I know everyone has already said how cute this post was and I hope this is not annoying for you, but it really WAS!
And lemme tell you, for a 9th grader, you write damn well! Anything I wrote in 9th looked like an extract from a retard's wall scribblings. :P

And for future reference, you can call me Jayant. :)

Butterfly said...

Thanx for that nice comment. :-)
Jayant is final then.